Little help on data, [Char] Wolverine

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Little help on data, [Char] Wolverine

Post by wanteddead411 on January 26th 2013, 6:35 pm

Little help on data, [Char] Wolverine

Postby rampagexmen Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:36 pm
1. If i wanted to add, health regen on a char, where he/she constantly regen hp. just by standing how would i do that, PS: give an example. (pretty nooby at data) I do know most basics.

Wolverine: Has two different stances, 1 is no claws, i wanted him to move real slow do hardly no dmge, But constantly regen hp maybe mana, Other stance is claw fourm, i wanted him to do high damge, move fast, with no regen ofc,
(Need more ideas)

Juggernaut: Well he has a mark charge just really enchanced version, Kinda lost for ideas on him, Ill post a video of wolverine soon,

Would also like to know how to make a char not pick up weapons/ would like an example if possible

But yea if anyknow knows how too make a char constantly gain hp/mana Pls let me know and give and example if u can Thanks for Looking:D

vid link here


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