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Help users' forum! xD

Post by Danilopp on February 8th 2013, 1:11 am

This will be one of the few posts "serious" I'm going to do.

Well folks, some have managed to "unlock" the last NTSD and took the Sprites that are PRIVATE! The problem is that a lot of work to be doing sprites, I even feel a little good knowing that my sprites were stolen because that is where I know they are great, but almost all or most do not at least give credits. So I come to you asking if any of you see the Sprites NTSD or even moves and combos in Mugens or other mods LF2 without our authorization, you comment that talking is the NTSD.

For example, you see a video on youtube or enters a forum for a new game that are using our sprites ... Just commenting that the team are NTSD, which are private, and that at least give us the credits citing all team members.

I know this is not going to improve things, but it's good to have a recognition of our work, even some who do not know the game can end with knowing this method and increase our dear community.

Thanks for listening and all the best for everyone, Danilo.

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Re: Help users' forum! xD

Post by kamil3453 on February 9th 2013, 8:25 pm

I think that all digital art you can stole earlier or later. It's only time matter when somebody stole your sprites. You can only slow this event by using some tricks for example cipher your images and decipher in game. But every method have a weak point so you can't protect your digital arts for long time.

My team who create NT have the same problem how to cipher images to prevent other people using them without credits.

You have great team but I don't understand why are you modding LF2. You should write your own game. LF2 is limited and old. Without source code of LF2 you can't easily add new features.


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