A few suggestions ;)

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A few suggestions ;)

Post by Zboczony_Pustelnik on February 14th 2013, 1:09 am

I've been waiting for this game a few years and i know there is more people like me. So ... i have some ideas that really may help NTSD fun's.

First of all: there is baned to asking about release date, i really understand why, but that question will return over and over until you do something about it. It's perhaps because no one want to sort thousands pages of Spam to know something new about a game. So you should create an topics where we could check what's happened with game since last release it and what's exactly changed. (It should be closed for anyone but game team members so it would be free of Spam like: "i like this, it's awesome " and transparent for any readers any time).
And another topic to inform those who's waiting since ever which would tell us what versions of the game has been released.

Any way i think you can plan what you want to do until next release and make a bar which would show forum users easily how many have been done. And we would know how soon next release will be revealed.

I have some suggestions about a game to Smile In NTSD 2 we can make some of attacks stronger by holding it until bar is loaded. I think it should be use only for time-consuming attacks (According to manga and anime) Really powerful but quick attack or another efective skill should be difficult. No standard 3 buttons combinations but 5 or more to use it(just like hell moves in NTSD 2.4) (it's about uchiha's amateratsu or obito and kakashi kamui or tsukuyomi, senin mode naruto and jiraya or biju mode bee and naruto, chibaku tensei anything like this.)

I have one big hope. That this game would be actually released.

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Re: A few suggestions ;)

Post by Kezeal on February 16th 2013, 1:08 pm

The progress can easily be seen in the "Progress" section by just reading the first post.
The reason why they don't make a bar is probably that they don't really plan out exactly what to add to the next version, they'll just release the next one when they feel like it's done.

About the NTSD 2 idea, it's already implented.


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