Walking/running while charging the moves

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Walking/running while charging the moves

Post by Dmitri123 on April 2nd 2013, 4:06 pm

Killer Bee moves sucks to begin with.Let`s forget for now about his lightning sword which is great only against crowd as its beginning is slow as hell and throwing swords in this quality as well as against human players are much better.

What I really care now is CHARGING MOVES.
Imagine how is it annoying when you have full charged move but no one comes in sight(figuratively,at least)!
Naruto`s rasengan and Tsunade`s punch are no great in this sense either.
BUT!This could be fixed if characters would be allowed to walk/run while charging the moves!
It should also reduce span of matches.

And also make time limit for Pain`s rubbles... When he`s getting stuck in it...It`s kind of pain...


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