sasuke bug ntsd II

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sasuke bug ntsd II

Post by firelike1 on May 20th 2013, 8:35 pm


since that i'm new i don't know if anyone posted about this.

with sasuke when i use Chidori's sword sometimes that stays there and the enemies lose hp forever, usually this bug happens when i use Chidori's sword and someone hit me.

now about Mangekyo Sharingan

this is not a bug i think but Mangekyo Sharingan: Tsukuyomi (level 2) does more damage than Mangekyo Sharingan: Amaterasu (level 3) amaterasu wastes a lot of chakra just to go to the enemy and the damage isn't much <.<

imo(in my opinion) amaterasu should be level 2 and tsukuyomi level 3

hope i helped a bit


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