Senpō: Kawazu Naki

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Senpō: Kawazu Naki

Post by KCM-Kage on May 23rd 2013, 6:41 pm

Hello people of the forum.
Sage Art: Frog Song is a technique derived from Shima and Fukasaku. Some would even argue it's classified as a type of genjutsu.
Whatever the matter I believe this would be a great addition to Naruto while sage mode, I believe the team is able to
easily produce this within the LF2 confines.

NOTICE: I do not in anyway wish to hinder the progress of what the team has planned. This is a idea only for the purpose of helping the NTSD team.

Now I'm not sure if this breaks the barrier of having naruto become "OP" but I have faith that almost anything can be tweaked.
The Jutsu should execute as follows upon the commands Fukasaku and Shima are summoned. They are then stationary in that area. When the jutsu is casted the enemies are then afflicted according to the distance they are from the source of the jutsu. Obviously the closer they are the more severe the effects. After a short time they poof away again.

Now the way I described it it's pretty much a fullscreen jutsu, to prevent "OP-ness" There should be a cooldown time or inability to do certain commands.

"After focusing Senjutsu chakra to their throats, both Fukasaku and Shima croak together in unison, releasing large, loud and immensely powerful sound waves that effectively annoy, distract and temporarily paralyse any afflicted targets completely."

Quoted from Narutopedia.

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Re: Senpō: Kawazu Naki

Post by Elmo86 on June 20th 2013, 12:39 am

About 3 years ago zxcv (while still working on the game) showed some pictures of this particular attack, with the Sage Mode of Naruto. The problem is that zxcv do not mention the operation of the technique.

Here is the picture that showed the last time:



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