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Killer B suggestions

Post by Abalone on September 10th 2013, 12:30 pm

So, I have played the Christmas release and pretty much enjoyed playing Killerbee. One thing to remember though, is that Killerbee is the 'perfect jinjuriki', and has perfect control of his transformations. He should have some moves concerning temporary Biju transformations, and those moves shouldn't be so hard to make. But, to balance him, those moves must be quick, temporary, and uses plenty of chakra.
Here are my suggestions:

1) Run+AJ = Normal Lariat (Low MP Usage)
   -I believe that this is Killerbee's signature move. (No transformation included, I just want this move in the game)

2) DVJ + Hold = Transform Tentacles Mode (Moderate MP Usage)
  a. -Remember that time when Killerbee transformed his arm inorder to absorb a punch? That move must be included, except here, his arm is in the 'block' position, so that he defends on that side. In this move, by holding the 'J' button, he keeps that form.
  b. Hold + A = Underground Tentacle
     -A Tentacle will appear from the ground near the opponent, either knocking the opponent down, or grabbing him.

  c. Hold + D = 8 Arms spread
     -This move should be similar to Sasuke's Chidori Current, affecting the surrounding area. Killerbee's version though, will spread all 8 octopus arms, and 'push' aside the surrounding opponents.

3) D^J + Hold = Biju Transformation Loading (High MP Usage)
  a. First Bar = Double-horned Lariat
     -A cloak of chakra surrounds B, and forms 2 horns on his head. He then launches forward, and hurts anything in his path (but moves for only a few spaces). He transforms back to normal afterwards

  b. Second Bar = Biju Bomb
     -His chakra goes down to almost zero, and he releases a biju bomb. die 
     -The bomb released must not be going fast, but, should be at least lethal

c. Third Bar = 8 Tailed Beast Transformation
-His MP drops to zero, then he transforms into Gyuki. In this mode, Gyuki will have some more moves, but I'll just leave those moves to you guys. Press 'DJA' in this state, and he transforms back to normal.

I hope that some of these moves will be accepted for any new releases of the game. Thank You!

PS: Killerbee's 7 swords of Hell loading, the charging there should be tweaked, for Killerbee's sword dance leaves no opening for normal attacks (remember Sasuke vs. Killerbee), and should thus, remain undisturbed when loading, unless struck by a powerful attack (like Katon).

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