Killerbee's Swordsmanship

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Killerbee's Swordsmanship

Post by Abalone on September 22nd 2013, 11:34 am

More into Killerbee; This topic is about his normal moves and combos concerning his sword(s).
Firstly, Killerbee's swords moves must be varied and does not require a Defend-key combo so as to make his moves more passive, not active.
Secondly, His other sword combos use too much MP, making him pretty much defenseless unless he has MP.

So, let us begin:

1. A+A+A+A = normal sword combo.
- This move makes use of just one sword. (I hate his previous combo where he punches instead of slashes.)

2. J + A+A+A = Sting like a Bee combo.
- This combo uses 1 sword, then 2, then the final one having lightning in it. At the second 'A', the second sword there injures those behind him.

3. J+A+J = Kendo.
-The original Kendo is okay. I just think that adding 'A' after lifting to make a 'Jump Kick Combo' would be convenient.

4. J+A+D = Sting Like a bee2.
- This move must remain.

5. Normal Attacking+J = Lightning sword
-The original 'DVA' combo for the lightning sword is too slow to activate. This way, it's better so you can use it at anytime. Press 'A' here to keep striking, and this move needs less MP Usage.

6. DVA = Lightning sword Throw
-Since the original lightning sword is in a different combo set, I think that Killerbee should be able throw a lightning-charged sword (remember the lightning-charged pencil?) at his opponents. This move should take a while to load.

Thank you, I hope that these moves will be added to future versions.

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Re: Killerbee's Swordsmanship

Post by Izaak on October 3rd 2013, 6:56 pm

looks great


I think Its time to show me this effort of yours


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