Releasing full game (not moleboxed) for posterity

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Releasing full game (not moleboxed) for posterity

Post by ipsilonv on August 24th 2014, 12:54 pm

Hello, my request is that the game be released as a normal mod, and not in the current moleboxed way. I used to frequent these forums ages ago, so I know that the original devs got fed up by people taking their code/sprites. I also know that this request has been asked before with the context of modifying the game...but my reason is different. I am trying to play this game again for nostalgia's sake and to see the new work that has been done on II, but I run linux. I can make LF2 2.0a work under wine...but this moleboxed mod borks immediately with nondescriptive errors.

I doubt the community is what it used to be (with a million naruto mods), so I don't think the issue of stealing would be quite as problematic. Even then, I think moleboxing is a pretty nasty fix for several reasons (philosophical and practical).

Of course this is a long shot, and I understand if it is answered with a mere "no"...but it's worth asking. Alas, this is the problem with closed-source...a few years go by, shit breaks, and things that could easily be fixed by a random nobody never gets a chance. e.g., NTSD 2.4 with sprites problem. Stuff ends up forgotten in the oblivion of broken software.

Thanks regardless.

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