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Mr.A's Feedback thread (NTSD 1.0) Empty Mr.A's Feedback thread (NTSD 1.0)

Post by Mr-A on February 11th 2015, 1:38 pm

Overview: The game is really fun, and it has some magic I've never seen in any LF2 mod before. I didn't really have much time to play and test though, but down are few things I noticed. Note that I won't be pointing at the obvious problems, but those which you've probably overlooked:

Naruto's frog summon move:
I like how you could charge with some moves to do stronger variations of them. This move, also, had a charge which consumed extra MP, but I couldn't really tell what better it did. Perhaps it was not meant to be charged at all?
I found the frog summoned to be really hard to hit. As if it's missing a bdy in some of its frames. I thought it might be because the bdy isn't big enough? Either way, that damned frog needs to be nerfed.

One bug you probably know about, but I am still going to mention it anyway, is the frog chasing some of the weapons instead:
Mr.A's Feedback thread (NTSD 1.0) FicYfzf

The above screenie looks weird, doesn't it? I shouldn't have been able to summon all these frogs (which is pretty neat btw) !! I found it to be possible still if I am too far away from all the other frogs I summoned (probably has something to do with the "scanning" itr not being big enough).

I am not really sure about this, but I do find her to be a tad overpowered (anyone else agrees?). It's very difficult to approach her, and I found it really hard to play against her using a melee character like Raikagi.

*I also had a couple of instances with gara where he'd get stuck in one frame. I couldn't really figure out where, or how that happens, but in all the cases, I was spamming D^J against Killerbee.

The platforms:
It's really cool what you did there. I never really expected they'd work this well XD. There are a couple of problems here and there, but most of them didn't affect the gameplay much. To name a few of those:
-Weapons and balls fall through.
-You can't fall off the platforms from the sides. (I didn't think it was all that bad though. Could be regarded as a feature actually).
One problem which actually did affect the gameplay with inconsistency is the absence of friction on these platforms. I found it funny (and quite advantageous also) how I slide when I keep punching on a platform. (the frog can't stomp on me also while I am on top of one Razz). A semi-solution to this is to not depend on friction to stop your movement, but instead place dvx:550 in the frames where you're supposed to stop. The character would be sliding more on the platform in comparison to the ground, but it should barely be noticeable.

Edit: Just realized I played the wrong version. Don't mind this thread for now.


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Mr.A's Feedback thread (NTSD 1.0) Empty Re: Mr.A's Feedback thread (NTSD 1.0)

Post by The Creator on February 11th 2015, 8:28 pm

It's alright if you played the wrong version.
This should be useful for future development!
Pretty thorough. Nice job! Smile

I do agree with you on Temari. Even in the new version, she is nearly untouchable. The other day, I was playing the new version with my little brother; he was Temari and I was Sasuke. I was getting pulverized!!! I only managed to do damage on her at the end when I had 1/4 HP left was because I spammed sharingan on her and I did some run + defend actions to dodge her wind slicer move-or-whatever-it-is-called and attack behind. It was a nightmare.
Regarding the platforms; neat like but has some minor flaws like you mentioned. I hate the fact that, in the latest version, when I press jump, I jump down off the platform and on to the ground. I have to jump diagonally to get on a higher platform. That shouldn't happen.

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