NTSD Windows 8 problem

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NTSD Windows 8 problem

Post by Reborn1719 on February 13th 2015, 11:18 am

Hi guys! I (and my friends actually too) have a problem with running NTSD on my homebox (with Windows 8 on it), NTSD II and Smouk`s NTSD 2.4 wont work for me.

But i found an old 2.4 version for lobby and it worked great! I noticed that this version didn`t have hidden files, there are in the game`s folder already. I googled it and found that molebox thing. Is there any kind of solution to run NTSD on win 8 other than unmolebox it? If there not, can smdy help me with it? I`m not going to leech or steal, just play NTSD with my friend and have our fun, coz it`s the best Naruto game on pc till now. Thank you very much!

My "broken" game`s link
mediafire .c o m/download/ 3g265k85cw09374/NTSD+RE.rar

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