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Post by JoseJoseRSD on May 7th 2015, 5:46 am

Hi, I made this topic for some randoms ideas I got about NTSD II.


D + Fordward + Attack for ninja tools, like wires, explosive tags and shurikens, kunais or senbons depending of character.


No permanent sage mode, normal naruto who could be able to transform into sage mode, KCM and 6 path sage with D + J + A = D for sage mode, J for KCM and A for 6 path sage.


Change shunshin mode into = D + Down + J (no need to hold J) to make it easiest to use shunshin mode, A for shunshin attacks, J for shunshin run and D for shunshin clone.

No permanent EMS, as naruto, he could be able to activate Curse Seal, EMS and Rinnegan.


D + Down + HA for rinnegan, Kamui teleportation for D + Up + J, kamui underground for D + Down + Jump, D + Fordward + Attack for Fire attacks, D + Fordward + Jump for kamui attacks (this include kamui shurikens, kamui dimensional combo and kakashi kamui).


D + Down + HA for Magenkyou Moves, D for susano`o (1 D for susano`o stage 1, 2 D for susano`o stage 2 and 3 D for susano`o stage 3) J for kamui moves (level system here) and A for copied jutsus, D + Up + HA for genjutsus, D + Fordward + Jump for fire jutsus, D + Down + Jump for clones, D + Up + Jump for lightning moves (D for Lightning clones, J for raikiri wolf and A for chidori and raikiri)


D + Down + Jump for Lightning armor, D + Down + Attack for shunshin teleportation, also with lightning armor all attacks got 2x damage and liger bomb is a OHKO (darui said nobody survived liger bomb with lightning armor, only sasuke, anyways he got his susano`o mostly broken).

Edo Itachi (NEW):

D + Up + Attack for Genjutsus (A for ephemeral, J for Izanami and D for shackling stakes) D + Down + Attack for MS ( A for Amaterasu, J for Tsukuyomi and D for susano`o) While Susano`o, D for Yata shield, A for totsuka blade and J for yasaka no magatama. D + Fordward + J for Fire moves (just like NTSD 2.4 fire moves) D + Up + J for clone jutsus (A for explosive clone, but this explosive clone will spawn in itachi and will walk to the enemy, J for shadow clone and D for crow clones) D + Down + J for water jutsus ( yes, itachi have water jutsus, A for Water bullet and J for water dragon).


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