ntsd crash/blackscreen/however that's called

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ntsd crash/blackscreen/however that's called

Post by nadi726 on May 26th 2015, 3:23 pm

i have a problem on i think all ntsd games,when certain character uses a certain attack or when a certain item is thrown.
does that happen to anyone else?is there any way to fix this?
i have win 8 btw


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Re: ntsd crash/blackscreen/however that's called

Post by GxCoud on May 29th 2015, 1:10 am

Nope. Although I do have a sprite problem where transformations doesn't happen. I'm not sure why that happens but have you tried the solutions listed in this link? I quite fixed some of the problems that I had with NTSD with that, although I have yet to encounter your problem.


Maybe, this might save you Smile Hope I helped!

P.S. There should not be any problems playing the newer NTSD versions such as Christmas and 2015 release. I, myself didn't encounter any problems in running on Windows 8.1

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