Do you have How to unlock characters?

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Do you have How to unlock characters?

Post by nopphumz on October 29th 2015, 2:41 am


Hi Everyone
I have downloaded NTSD 2.4 (v2.0a) in this webboard. (This is a new version different from the version 2.4. I've played)
and I try play it.
it fun !

But ... a long time ago (If I remember correctly) I've played Version 2.4 It has a character like this = Tobi,Kimimaro,Minato,Naruto(9Tail) and many others. (The characters must be unlocked by typing " Bawbawk ")

i wonder this version(2.0a) do you have How to unlock Characters?
Or that the character of this version is just this?

AND I have downloaded NTSD 2015 in this webboard.   have a very few characters. do you have How to Unlock More Characters? or not.

and help introduce what a version most complete character and most fun at now

sorry. i'm bad english  noob - - ,but i thank a lot for reply from everyone in this topic. lol!


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Re: Do you have How to unlock characters?

Post by Apdooo on October 29th 2015, 1:54 pm

Code for version 2.0a is ""


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Re: Do you have How to unlock characters?

Post by panzhoapps on November 27th 2015, 1:39 am

i download 2.0a too but i cant finish any transform, hidan(black form) sasori(human) deidara(bird) naruto(kyuby) sasuke (cs2) any transform works well, anyone know how i can fix it ? or anyone know if 2.4 (1.9) works on windows 8 ?


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Re: Do you have How to unlock characters?

Post by The Creator on November 27th 2015, 3:14 pm

It depends on:
- which Windows you're running on
- the compatibility mode you are running the .exe file on
- which NTSD version you are using

Also, check if there's any "lib.dll" file in the game's directory. If you do, then make sure your Anti-Virus program is not blocking the file. If it is, make an exception for that file in the Anti-virus program.

Here's a "lib.dll" file in case you don't have one:

Thank Tornado for that one.

For NTSD 2.4 (1.9); I don't remember what the results are on Win8. You may need to try out yourself if you can't find any answers on the forums.

The Creator

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Re: Do you have How to unlock characters?

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