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Luffy D. Monkey Sprite - OP Debut

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Luffy D. Monkey Sprite - OP Debut Empty Luffy D. Monkey Sprite - OP Debut

Post by The Creator on August 12th 2016, 11:50 am

Yay! My debut on One Piece sprites!  Razz
Trying to catch up to the latest OP is such a choir. Currently at episode 150. I may have made the mistake of taking the anime course. The manga may have been a faster solution.. but well, never mind that now. I decided to sprite Luffy. Just trying to broad my spriting series'. Expect the usual variants to come soon.

Luffy D. Monkey Sprite - OP Debut Luffy13

The left is my direct approach to Luffy. The right side is based off the OP: Pirate Warriors 2 render.
Top is game color palette, bottom is anime colored.
100% custom. Yes, even the scar on chest and under eye is there.

Note to self: May need to fix those hands outline to make them more distinguished from one another.

Luffy D. Monkey Sprite - OP Debut Da_ad_by_dominekkas-d7x8hld
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