Some ideas on NTSDII

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Some ideas on NTSDII

Post by EgyPhoenix on January 9th 2013, 4:02 pm

first the things that can be improved
1- instead of a long charging time for strong moves increase the chakra cost and make it faster
2- Naruto's oil shot shouldnt make the enemy fall when it hits them directly just pin then to the ground
3- wind interaction with fire should be changed to help the fire user not the wind user
4- Temari's moves are too good they have low chakra cost big damage and long range
Raising Dust - Defend, Up, Attack and Cutting Whirlwind Technique - Defend, Forward, Jump
are great but should require more chakra while
Great Whirlwind Technique- Defend, Up, Jump and Wind Shield- Defend, Down, Jump
should have their damage buffed
5- Gara is really fun but compared to temari that is also a long range char he is weak he should have a general damage buff
6- substitution and dodging is too easy i think substitution should be made by a combo right before the attack not after and should consume chakra while waiting for the attack( Easy dodging can make mele attacks very pointless)
7- saskue's special defense chakra cost it too low compared to gara's
8- higher levels of chidori are weak compared to rassengan
second the things I really like in the game
1- The rassengan vs chidori moves and the sand shield vs chidori I really want to see more things like these
2- The idea of garaa using sand to power up his next moves (should be used more) I thing his defend up jump move should make more sand if i keep pressing
In the end thank you for making such a great game


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Re: Some ideas on NTSDII

Post by narutouchiha on January 12th 2013, 6:04 pm

is a good post but remember now this version is beta so it could have some bugs and problems

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