Sasuke issues.

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Sasuke issues.

Post by KCM-Kage on May 25th 2013, 2:53 am

Not really officially "bugs" but I was not sure exactly where to post this. *Move this topic if necessary*

Couple tweaks I'm advising about Sasuke.

-His shunshin slash has a ludicrous depth to it. Whether you were in the area of the slash when he did it or just appeared it still cuts you. I am not sure if this was the proper reasoning behind this move.

-Sasuke's melee stat is lower than Naruto's and Killer Bee's yet just by mashing attack his overly wide hit box can beat them out. Even if he is turned around the attack arc will still easily hit.

-Sharingan lvl 1 is a free win in shinobi ball, and his lvl 2 does wayyyy too much damage.

-His shunshin air attack can literally be spammed (Attack, Jump) he can walk across the stage with it....not to mention it's wide hitbox that can get you you even if you're not on the same plain. After a shunshin air attack he can easily charge his grounded opponent into a lvl 2 sharingan which is A LOT of damage.

There are so many other things I could say.

Now you guys obviously don't know me but I have a great knowledge and experience in fighting games, 2D and 3D. Unfortunately I even know a large amount of FGC lingo -_-....

-Most DBZ games
-Street Fighter
-King of fighters
-Arcana Heart series
-Guilty Gear
-Soul Calibur series
-Virtua Fighter
-All "Tales of" games
-Smash Bros.
-Dead or Alive.
-Naruto Storm series (Ranked #15 in both Storm 2 and 3 worldwide, you can look it up in leaderboards) PSN: POWERDRAGON6
-Even applied as a tester for Injustice Gods Among Us (Was so close)

The list would go on forever so I'll stop.
This is only a small list of things I see. I'll do more for other characters
You guys can trust my knowledge as I've pretty much been in the fighting game scene since....I could walk.
However I am not taking anything away from the team as this is the best LF mod I've ever played.

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