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Forum rules Empty Forum rules

Post by Storm on December 7th 2012, 10:01 pm

I. Rules breaking of which will result in a warn:
  1. No spamming: One word posts, completely irrelevant comments and posting the same thing over and over again are counted as spam.
    Giving thanks or agreeing isn't counted as spam, except if being in the form of an one word post.
  2. No double posting UNLESS you are updating your own thread (has to be a reasonable update and stay on topic).
  3. Do not revive old threads. Threads are considered to be old once they've remained inactive for a month. This does not apply to sticky threads or announcements.
  5. Speak ENGLISH ONLY in the main forum. If you want to talk in other languages, do it in PM or the language board.
  6. If you misreport someone intentionally you can be warned for this!
  7. Do not excessively annoy the makers of the game about the progress.
  8. Do not show sprites of Everyone knows about it, we are not idiots. We do not need someone showing off something old, acting like they made a grand discovery.
  9. Do not act like a mod. Which means telling people to stop breaking the rules (you can ask though), or pretending to punish them for so.
  10. Using multiple accounts is not allowed (violation will result in your main account getting warned and your other one(s) getting banned).
  11. If your avatar/signature or status image exceeds (goes outside it's colored line) the limit shown below, it is too big.
Forum rules Avatarlimit
Avatar max size: 150x300 pixels.
Status max size (total): 150x150 pixels.
Signature max size (total): 800x400 pixels.
Note, that if you commit misdemeanors excessively, it will result in an insta-ban and not in warns and then a ban.

II. Rules breaking of which will result in an instant ban:
  1. Do not give away or ask for secret codes, hellmove codes, new characters in NTSD, mod/admin/kage status, rep points, or an unmoleboxed version of the game.
  2. No flaming other users (flaming moderators and administrators will result in a 3 months ban).
    Note: something that is not really offensive (i.e. "shut the f*ck up"/"you're a douchebag") will result in a warn only or may not be warned at all, depending on circumstances. Don't take the chances though.
  3. If it's not yours, don't take it or post it (characters, data, sprites, or anything unless you have permission from the creator).
  4. No pornography, meaning anything 18+.

In case you would be convinced that your warn/ban is invalid, try to talk to the moderator that warned you first, and, if nothing has been sorted out, inform an admin.

Forum rules Konan

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